Ulrich the Decorater

Since Princess busted me making snowflakes yesterday I decided that Ulrich would have to postpone hanging them until another day.

Peanut awoke to find that Ulrich decorated the house with garland, a new centerpiece for the dining room table


and was in the middle of hanging his own little stocking.


Peanut is impressed with Ulrich’s adventures so far & I am impressed that he is enjoying the simple set ups. However, I should probably have Ulrich do a few really cool things in the near future..


Our Christmas decorations are lacking. We have a tree, wreath and a few figurines my oldest 2 boys have collected over the years. So I have been brainstorming some ways I can dress up the living/dining areas for cheap. I tried surfing pintrest and websites, but either the decorations would cost me a small fortune or are just not my style. Otherwise they go against being cheap or are tacky. Sigh…

Just as I was going to give up my online search I found a site that shows you how to make snowflakes. You can check it out HERE. Now this I can do. It is free and not really tacky in my opinion.

This morning I grabbed some paper and started folding and cutting. Buddah helped make a few before he headed upstairs to work on his math. Who knows how many snowflakes I made, but now they are flattening out nicely and waiting to be hung. I think I will leave that job for Ulrich. He can be responsible for a more festive look around here.

Fixing Breakfast

After a long night comforting a sick little girl, our heads foggy from lack of sleep we found that Ulrich the Elf can be quite helpful. Ulrich was found making chocolate milk and fixing a bowl of cereal for Peanut and Princess. Having him jump in like that was a surprise.


Maybe having an elf join us for the holiday season isn’t such a bad idea. Especially if he is going to pitch in and help. Fixing breakfast is great, but next time he decides to lend a helping hand I would prefer to catch him doing something really useful. Like picking up toys, folding laundry.or even better cleaning the bathroom.

Homemade Presents: Rag Dolls

For Christmas I decided to make Princess a couple of Rag Dolls. She is totally into dolls and I was itching to make something. After looking for free patterns online, trying out a couple of them, and making a few mistakes I finally pieced together a pattern that I liked. Now to get hubby to make the doll cradle.